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Year of Publication2014
AuthorsKukharenko V., Syrotenko N.
Language articleEnglish
Keywordscontent curator, distance course., functions, methods, social services

Content curating is a new activity (started in 2008) of qualified net users and other specialists for working up with large information amount in order to represent its possibilities for social net users needs. To prepare content curators the distance course was developed and proposed for examine the functions, methods, approaches and tools of curator. Course conducting showed a significant relationship learning progress from the available personal learning environment and the ability to process and analyze in necessary information. The course students proposed to conduct a preparatory course in order to display the subjects that are connected with an information search and definition of its authenticity

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Kukharenko V. OPEN ON-LINE COURSE “CONTENT CURATOR” / V.Kukharenko, N.Syrotenko // Informational Technologies in Education. - 2014. - № 21. - P. 57-66.