Keywords: cloud computing, LMS, cloud, cloud market, cloud services, education, cloudbased learning environment, university


The article deals with the problems inherent in the development of such innovations in education as cloud computing, which belong to the key trends of IT sphere development in the 21st century. Taking into account the purpose of the study, the cloud computing paradigm is described, the development of cloud computing in the business sector and the challenges for the education are explored. Today, educational institutions, in particular universities, along with many other organizations and enterprises, recognize cloud computing as useful for simplifying process management and administration as well as improving overall employee communication. The state of implementation of cloud projects in the high school is described. The preconditions for the introduction of C), хмарні обчислення (технології) (Cloud Computing) тощоloud computing in education are determined and the components of the educational process in the high school using the cloud technologies are determined. An example of new cloud discipline and cloud computing projects in universities, in particular, at the Banking University Lviv Institute, is presented. Described approaches to creating a cloud-based learning environment (informatioC), хмарні обчислення (технології) (Cloud Computing) тощоBLE) in high school that can be implemented through cloud services, moving Learning Management System (informatioLMS) to the cloud, and also integrating Learning Management System (informatioas well as the expansion of the functionality of its subsystems and resources), software, and cloud services. Examples of these approaches implementation at Ukrainian universities, in particular Banking University Lviv Institute, are presented. The outlined trends and prospects for cloud computing development taking into account their advantages and risks for use in the education sector.


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